Tokai Forest: Epicentre of Natural Excellence

Vested in a wealth of verdant landscapes and indigenous flora, the Tokai Forest is the epicentre of natural excellence. Right on your doorstep lies tranquillity which – echoed within the Steenberg Green – ensures you experience the green era of living. This abundantly green area in Cape Town is engulfed in tranquillity – an accurate representation of the natural beauty in the world.

To experience the wealth of history, nature and beauty that lies within the forest, visitors can stroll through the historic walk beneath the shady Arboretum, which dates back to 1885 when Joseph Storr Lister, Conservator of Forests of the Western Conservancy of the Cape Colony, explored the feasibility of growing exotic trees in the area.

The forest, which was declared a national monument, is an oasis of emphatic peace with over 1500 trees to capture you, green-loving heart. The trees within the Tokai Forest include more than 274 tree species and more than 150 alien trees, some of which are well over 100 years old.

Knowledge is Power

To truly immerse yourself within an area, one must understand the region. Once you embrace the historical elements, a more profound experience ensues, securing a special place in your heart. After visiting the educational counter to collect information about the area as well as a map, visitors should stop at the forest’s tea room. Here you can obtain a map of the area and explore indigenous trees and plants of the entire surrounding area.

Stroll past South Africa’s pride and joy – the indigenous Fynbos – and see an abundance of the King Protea in beautiful bloom. Horticulturalists have recognised 81 garden varieties of the Protea, and Tokai forest is the perfect place to explore more about South Africa’s beloved Protea cynaroides.

Expect to see Blombos bushes, turning certain expanses snow white when in bloom or the Agapanthus (also known as Lily of the Nile), which forms a neat clump of mid-green leaves and are borne on long stalks of up to 1.2 meters tall.

A Little Adventure is Good for the Soul.

Tokai forest offers endless explorative possibilities, with a hint of thrill for the adventuresome. The Cape Town Cycling Collective has commandeered a track for the safety and enjoyment of cyclists. For the rest of us, set off on the walking trails from Tokai where you are urged to look up at the picturesque Elephant’s Eye – arguably the most photogenic view in the Western Cape.

Elephant’s Eye is a large cave shaped like the head of an elephant and as one of nature’s many wonders. The cave is sublimely situated where the Elephant’s Eye would be and is truly majestic as its awning is partly covered in green ferns, exposing to the vivid vineyard views of Tokai and Constantia to all those who venture there. The braai/barbeque and picnic area are ideal for romantic dates, family excursions, or pure solace, fusing both the magical scenery and the historical elements that this National Monument has to offer.

Embracing a Green-era of Living

Steenberg Green offers a tranquil lifestyle vested in a wealth fauna and flora both within and without the estate emphasising sustainability within the luxurious living.

With state-of-the-art security systems, including electric fencing, CCTV cameras, motorised vehicle access, and video intercoms – to name just a few – the estate offers occupants peace of mind to let go of the hustle and bustle of city life and bask in the serenity of 10 000 square metres of landscaped garden.

Echoing the glorious greenery that surrounds both the estate and the area, residents of Steenberg Green can embrace a sustainably green-lifestyle while experiencing timeless luxury.


Sustainability is the future of luxury and Steenberg Green focuses on achieving a unique symmetry between nature and modern architectural brilliance. Within the crafting of your green-home, residents can expect green additions of solar PV and thermal technology, water purification, waterborne underfloor heating, a silent back-up generator, a Tesla power wall unit and a car charging system – only to name a few.

Fuel your passion for tailor-made luxury with Steenberg Green and embrace the green era within and without your new home. Green in the new black and with Steenberg Green we invite you to experience luxury unlike any other with a lifestyle that is specially crafted to your needs.


Infused with purpose, presence and property perfection, Steenberg Green effortlessly recalibrates the scale of luxury property. Nestled beneath the slopes of the Steenberg Mountain Range, HCI Properties introduces you to the golden-era of living, with this secure lifestyle estate in Cape Town. Read more here on the state-of-the-art security in Steenberg Green.


In a world that continues to adopt an environmentally-friendly lifestyle, Steenberg Green centred its design philosophy around sophisticated eco-friendly living. Read more here on how this secure estate recalibrates the scale of luxury